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Difference Between a Tax Lien Sale and a Special Assessment Tax Lien Certificate of Sale in Douglas County, Nevada

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Buying Tax Liens in Nevada – Storey County

Why are tax liens sold?

According to the Storey County Treasurer, “Storey County’s tax lien sales follow the guidelines set forth by the Nevada Revised Statutes (Chapter 361). All [real] property [] taxes must be collected in order to meet the budget of the county. Therefore, Tax Lien Sales are held to collect any unpaid taxes.”

The main population area and county seat is historic Virginia City.  However, the county is very sparsely populated.

How does Storey County calculate the Delinquent Payment Penalty? 

Penalties for delinquent property taxes are calculated at:

  • 4% for one installment that is delinquent
  • 5% for any two installments that are delinquent
  • 6% for any three installments that are delinquent
  • 7% for any four installments that are delinquent
  • Prior year’s delinquent property taxes are penalized at 10% annual interest.

At What Point does a delinquent tax turn into a tax lien?

Storey County indicates that “[a]ny property that continues to have delinquent taxes due at the end of April each year will be advertised as delinquent in the local newspaper. Should a property have continuing delinquent outstanding taxes at the end of three years the Treasurer will take a trustee deed to the property and begin the process to sell the property at a tax sale, according to the County Treasurer.

Tax sales are scheduled at least four months prior to being held, in order to allow property owners ample notice. The Commissioners then meet regarding these proposed properties for tax sale. Generally, once there are 10 or more properties, the county will hold a tax sale.

Therefore, the County treasurer indicates it will not hold a sale if there are only 1 or 2 properties that are delinquent.

As of July 17, 2012, Storey County does not have any lien auctions pending for real estate tax liens.

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