Easiest Way to Hear U.S. Supreme Court Arguments

The IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law maintains an online database of arguments made before the United States Supreme Court since the Court started keeping audio back in 1955.  The site is called Oyez, which is French for “all of you listen”, a phrase repeated three times at the commencement of the session of the court.

A review of the website, indicates that all of the current opinions are archived, and the site itself says that it goes back to 1955.  The way the opinions are set up in tables and categorized according to justices on the court at the time, attorney advocates presenting arguments, year argued or decided, and legal issue, makes it manageable to search.


To see all cases argued and decided in 2012, click here.  The legal issues, as defined by Oyez, are pretty broad, and could be defined a little more.  Categorized as Economic Activity>State Regulation of Business, at least 20 cases are listed.

For those interested in real property case arguments, Oyez created a category of cases Economic Activity>Zoning ; only five cases are listed from the 1970’s and and 1980’s.


This screenshot shows that the case arguments can be heard on your computer, by pushing the “RSS” button, which creates a list of all the cases in RSS feed.  You just scroll down and find the hyperlink of the audio file for the cases that interest you.

Others using IPhone or other smartphones that stream from the internet, the Podcast and ITunes options could work better.  Enjoy listening to a bit of legal history.

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